Should You Hire A Handyman Or Professional Designer?

What do you do when you need work done around the house? Or who do you turn to when you need some insight as to which type of windows to choose during replacement? How about when you’re planning to renovate your bathroom or kitchen? What about when changing the landscape or simply hanging decorative features around your home’s interior or exterior? These questions are more common than not and are often asked by home owners prior to any remodelling ideas begin to surface. Some people think of going straight to a designer initially to find which direction to go. The designer will do all the blueprinting, sketching and expert planning, then when the time comes to begin the work they recruit and hire the appropriate contractor to perform the job. In the midst of the process, the homeowner must stay in contact with the designer as they will be the one overseeing the entire project.

Interior design professionals are problem solvers by craft when it comes to planning a big change or shift in a home’s environment. They posses the ability to adjust and adapt to the way your home is shaped, structured and initially built in order to turn it into a success. They have the knowledge necessary to obtain alternative solutions that you may not have thought of. A skilled and experienced designer will also deliver solutions and suggest products that they have past experience with and know for sure will be just right for the project. They will know where to look and find the best prices and value for each item they purchase for the transformation.

Some contractors and self proclaimed handymen do have exceptional skills, yet lack the creativity and ability to completely transform a space into something worthy of calling luxurious and masterful. Sometimes the best option is to hire a designer who always works along with a trusted handyman service for all of her clients, because they know how they work and rely on their craftsmanship. These types of handymen or contractors have great track records, and are reputable companies with high reviews from not only customers but also other design firms. These kinds of partnerships will have a certain level of trust between the contractor and the designer. The handyman can rely on the designer’s input regarding the design work, and the handyman can rely on the designer’s input regarding the execution of each task.

Some popular services that are in demand of a professional interior designer are:

  • home renovations
  • outdoor landscaping or gardening
  • patio remodelling
  • home decor

For each of these types of changes, the designer will put in adequate planning and strategy and also ensure the contractor is fully equipped and prepared for the job.

Some popular services that require the skills of a handyman are:

  • hanging of home accessories
  • appliance repair
  • tile installations
  • painting
  • plumbing
  • renovations
  • demolition

A quality handyman will have enough experience and knowledge to perform most tasks you require to be done for your home’s upgrades.

In any case, be sure to not only find a great reputable interior designer but also find and hire one that you can develop a relationship. I always see the most beautiful home spaces created and designed from a design team that had a deep rooted relationship with their clients. This type of partnership will allow the designer and client to share ideas and make room for healthy adjustments if necessary with the help of the expertise of the designer.